Our Services

Our Core Business: Aerial spatial data acquisition and processing

Aerial Imaging

Capture of high quality aerial images from a variety of sensor options.

Orthophoto Production

Greneration of seamless, true orthophoto at any resolution.


Near LiDAR quality Digital Elevation models from aerial photography.

Multi-spectral Imaging

We offer a variety of sensors and combinations thereof covering wavelengths from 400 nanometers to 2400.



To assit clients fully leverage aerial data we offer spatial database design, manipulation and full support.


Agricultural Mapping

Map your farm with leading edge technology using aerial photography and GIS.


Vector Data Collection

From simple 2D to extruded 3D buildings.


Light Detection and Ranging for the highest accuracies even under canopy.


UAV Research

Our team actively tests and develops UAV hardware and software and can deploy the technology where it is legal.