Aerial Imaging

Seeing the world in 24-bit detail at near infinite resolution!


We have been in aerial survey for 30 years and were leaders in the switch to digital imaging. Initial experimentation started long before digital aerial survey cameras were born using the first Kodak digital single lens reflex cameras on helicopters. Thereafter, our company was involved in testing the first digital mapping cameras.
Testing a pre-production Vexcel

Testing a pre-production Vexcel


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Small Format

The use of light weight consumer cameras is becomming common for mapping applications from UAV’s. The firm has conducted various mapping projects from several diffrent types of imagers that fall into this category. These systems are non-metric but recent advances in GPU processing have made obtaining an accurate result from these types of cameras a possibility.

Medium Format

These types of cameras are ideally suited to use in combation with LiDAR or for smaller sites and corridor mapping. They are industrial quality, metric and calibrated. A variety of brands and resolutions are on the market from 39 to 80 Megapixels. The firm utilizes a Rolleimetric AIC Pro from this category of sensor.

Large Format

The most economical way to cover extensive areas in high detail is with a large sensor. For these types of projcets the company utilizes a Vexcel Ultracam Xp with a massive 196 Megapixels and 17,000 pixels across track. The Vexcel is an example of the most advanced mapping cameras available.