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Take to the air

We work in the air so you can work on the ground. We enjoy the challenge of creating aerial survey solutions unique to your requirements to give the right data at the right price.

aerial survey
aerial survey
aerial survey
  • Map a city
  • Design a road, pipeline or dam
  • Plan a wind or solar farm
  • Conduct a forest or vegetation inventory
  • Plan or audit an agricultural project
  • Count wildlife or marine mammals
  • Map fires or energy consumption
  • Audit mines and stockpiles


The sky is no longer
your limit


We acquire relevant, cost effective aerial data that is perfectly suited to your project.


We implement and support the tools to fully leverage not only aerial data but nearly any geospatial or location-based intelligence.

We train people to use GIS and aerial data to its full potential, and we support other aerial survey companies with technical services and the downstream processing of challenging data.
aerial survey

We’re your trusted aerial partners

As a close-knit, family-run firm, we invest our passion into our partners’ projects. We have over thirty years of experience in providing leading-edge spatial information acquisition and geomatics services to a wide range of markets across multiple continents.

aerial survey

Our Toolbox

Imagine a world where you can measure anything from your desktop. This is our utopia. We bring the latest tools and technologies to our projects so that our clients have the best data that they need at their fingertips to make their project a success. No aerial survey is too big or too small for us.

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