Agricultural Mapping

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Cost-Effective Mapping

High accuracy mapping from aerial survey providing you with a powerful, visual, management tool. WGS provides expertise in gathering and customising geospatial information to meet your agricultural mapping needs.

What Do We Offer?

  • Field & Crop Area Mapping
  • Farm Infrastructure Mapping
  • Digital Orthophoto Imagery
  • Height Contour Mapping
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)
  • Field and Cadastral Boundaries
  • Slope and Aspect Maps
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Aerial Imagery

Satellite: Recent satellite imagery is globally available from free to very expensive depending on the requirement. Using satellite imagery we are able to map your farm without ever visiting it!

Existing Aerial Photography: There exists an extensive library of high resolution imagery that has been collected from fixed wing aircraft. We are able to tap into that library and use it as a backdrop for our mapping process.

New Aerial Photography: With sufficient demand we can serve several growers together and lower individual costs dramatically. Multiple areas can be flown and mapped economically by deploying our pod based system available anywhere in the world.

Drone: If you either have an existing drone based image or a drone of your own, we can work with that data too. We offer training on how to collect the data we require and will conduct all the processing to convert the imagery into a map!

Your Customised Map

Your feature rich map can consist of basically any combination of data you can think of. Plain imagery, line maps with or without background imagery, field colour-coding, farm features such as drainage, roads, rivers, dams and other infrastructure. Your finished map can have any data you can imagine.

Print Detail:

Imagery & line maps

  • Field & crop areas
  • Field colour-coding
  • Farm features such as drainage, roads, rivers, infrastructure..

Print Size:
From standard sizes to oversized wall prints
A4, Letter, A3, A1 or A0.

Map Finish:

  • Matt Paper
  • Photographic Prints
  • Laminated
  • Framed
agricultural mapping
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Farm with Cutting-Edge Technology

All data collected for your farm is supplied in industry standard formats and ready for integration into your GIS or precision farming platform.

Digital Farm mapping together with customised Geographical Information Systems provides useful management tools for recording, analysing and scenario planning:

  • Analyse current & historical information
  • Monitor rainfall & irrigation data
  • Soil & disease analysis
  • Analyse pesticide & fertiliser costing
  • Record delivery data
  • Display field performance, enabling cost of operations per hectare, per ton or ton sucrose analysis
  • Assist staff/contractors to carry out day to day operations
  • Assess your property infrastructure and assets
  • Manage estimate data for cutting cycles and harvest planning
  • Development planning
  • Per field data management – field size, variety, irrigation soil analyses, operations etc

For the purposes of field mapping and information handing, we recommend Quantum GIS – a FREE, user-friendly GIS. Download QGIS right here.

Contact us here for our next virtual QGIS training course!